January 21, 2021
Why put Sand in the Bottom of a Fire Pit

  Why put Sand in the Bottom of a Fire Pit? Ok, so you’ve seen sand in the bottom of a Fire Pit and wondered…….but why? Well you’ve come to the right place! Here we are going to explain why sand is used so that you can decide if it applies to your Fire Pit. […]

January 11, 2021
Can you Burn Pressure Treated Wood in a Fire Pit?

Looking to find out whether you can burn pressure-treated wood? Well we've got everything you need to know from first hand experience. The short answer is NO - but read on to find out why and what else you can burn... It is important that the wood you are burning is not only a risk […]

October 26, 2020
How to Store a Fire Pit Through the Winter

Fire pits can make a lovely addition to any home, having one in your backyard is a great way to add some much-needed warmth and color. They are also great when you are on the go - thanks to their size and maneuverability - especially if you are the camping type who loves the great outdoors. […]

September 27, 2020
A Detailed Guide on Cooking Over a Fire Pit

Using a fire pit to cook your food can be very rewarding. However, you need to know how to do it properly if you are going to be satisfied with the experience and the results. We will be discussing the steps that you should follow to have a successful fire pit cookout. We will also […]

September 10, 2020
How to Burn Leaves in a Fire Pit

Autumn is a period marked with the spectacular beauty of falling leaves. What to do with them is a question many people face each year. Your options range from bagging to burying to burning. However, bagging and burying are both time-consuming. Burning comes off as the easiest option, not to mention the distinct and memorable […]

August 30, 2020
Do you Need Special Retaining Blocks for Fire Pit?

Having a fire pit in your backyard is one of the best ways to entertain your guests. It’s also a place you can sit and relax as you watch the sunset or catch up with family. On the cold nights of summer, you can watch the stars as you prepare hot dogs in the fire […]

May 30, 2020
How to Light Firewood in a Fire Pit

Learning how to light firewood in a fire pit is simple if you follow the right tips and have the right tools to use. There are various methods as well as different fire starter products to aid you when it comes to starting a fire in a fire pit. Once you learned how, afternoon get-togethers […]

April 30, 2020
Can You Leave a Fire Pit Burning Overnight?

Fire pit season is exciting because it’s time for outdoor entertainment with family around warm and cozy flames. As the fire illuminates your surroundings and keeps you warm, the excitement doesn’t fizzle out quickly. You want the fun to continue into the night, but unfortunately, it has to stop. The beauty of a glowing fire […]

April 10, 2020
Can You Use Glass Marbles in Fire Pits and Other Questions Answered

If you have the luxury of having a big backyard in your home, then it is a must that you make it look beautiful by adding a fire pit. How amazing would it be to sit around the pit at night with your family and close friends? What would look even prettier would be if you use […]

March 30, 2020
What to Put Around a Fire Pit: Guide & Recommendations

Hands up! Who loves an open fire on summer evenings? We do! Having a fire pit, whether it’s built-in or otherwise allows you to enjoy long, drawn-out nights in front of the fire, cooking s’mores, and singing campfire songs. Okay, so maybe singing campfire songs isn’t your thing, but you get what we mean. However, the question […]

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