Fire pits can make a lovely addition to any home, having one in your backyard is a great way to add some much-needed warmth and color.

They are also great when you are on the go - thanks to their size and maneuverability - especially if you are the camping type who loves the great outdoors.

No matter which way you slice it, fire pits are a lovely innovation that can make themselves welcome anywhere there is space for one (or two, if you are feeling particularly adventurous).

Like all great things, though, fire pits require a certain level of care and maintenance in order to retain their efficacy. Despite their increasing popularity, they are still quite foreign to a lot of people. You may be wondering, how do you take care of a fire pit? How do you clean it? Where do you store it?

Worry not, though, because you have come to the right place. Here, we will answer all of your fire pit maintenance-related questions. By the end, you will know exactly how to treat your fire pit well so that you can keep using it for longer.

How to Maintain Your Fire Pit

Cleaning Your Fire Pit

Let us start with one of the more crucial aspects of fire pit maintenance - cleaning. As with anything, you will want to clean it regularly to ensure that it looks nice even after several uses. Unlike a few other things, however, cleaning your fire pit is actually important to also ensure its extended efficacy.

When you set about cleaning your fire pit for the first time, keep a few key details in mind. For starters, you will want to use the recommended cleaning products of your particular model. Others may damage the pit’s primary construction material.

You should also be sure to wear protective eyewear, as well as a decent pair of gloves, when cleaning your fire pit. We would also recommend that you wear some sort of dust filter mask, as well, to keep any allergies or sinuses from flaring up. Also, having dust circulating through your airways is probably not good for you.

Cleaning Metal Surfaces

We have decided to include this as a helpful little postscript meant to advise you when it comes to cleaning metal surfaces, in general. This should be quite useful, considering that fire pits are generally constructed out of some sort of metallic alloy or another, though this is not always the case.

Make sure that you are using some sort of tough, dry scrub brush when clearing out any extra bits of debris before you apply your cleaning solution.

Speaking of that, a good solution should contain a quarter of a cup of washing soda dissolved in a gallon of hot water. This will not always be the case, however, so we urge you to use any of the recommended products for your particular fire pit.

Routine Care

Here is a small break from the previous section. Routine care for your fire pit is - luckily - a lot easier than cleaning it. All you need to do is look out for any physical hardware failures. Nuts and bolts will need to be retightened on occasion, and you should check your propane or gas connections regularly.

How to Store a Fire Pit

Finally, we get to the section that you are here to learn about. Storing your fire pit properly will ensure that it does not sustain any damage while it is not in use. This can be done by disassembling your fire pit model as much as possible and making sure that all the parts stay together.

In terms of location, you should store your fire pit like you would a bottle of sweet chili sauce - in a cool, dry place. Be careful not to leave it somewhere where there is a lot of condensation, as this can damage it slowly over time. Do not leave it in an elevated area, or you will risk having it fall on you. It could even fall on the floor, and it might get severely damaged beyond repair.

Otherwise, just make sure there is not a lot of unnecessary clutter surrounding your fire pit and you should be fine. Also, watch out for your toes. They probably will not survive a game of physical contact with your fire pit.

Preventative Measures

The same general safety tips for fire and heat sources apply to fire pits, as well. It is definitely not a good idea to allow any part of your body near the pit while there is still a fire burning or even for a good while after. Kids need to stay well out of reach of the fire pit, as well.

You should also definitely abstain from allowing plastic to burn, as this can create toxic fumes that can prove especially dangerous if inhaled. The icky, sticky mess it leaves is also a pain to clean.

Now, if you have a wood-burning fire pit, there are a couple of other safety measures you will want to take to ensure your health. One such consideration to keep in mind is to never use accelerants, as the fire it creates can prove especially hazardous. The extreme heat can also severely damage your fire pit.

You should also regularly remove any build-up of creosote by scrubbing it all off with a tough bristle brush. Lastly, clear out any ash as soon as possible. The ash can actually smolder for days after a fire has been put out, so it is not a good idea to leave it unattended.


That is a wrap. This article has covered basically everything you need to know about taking care of your fire pit. With these tips and considerations in mind, you will ensure that your bowl of flames will last you for a long time.

Using a fire pit to cook your food can be very rewarding. However, you need to know how to do it properly if you are going to be satisfied with the experience and the results.

We will be discussing the steps that you should follow to have a successful fire pit cookout. We will also mention a few tips to keep in mind to make the experience more enjoyable.

The Fuel

You have a variety of fuel types to choose from when using a fire pit, such as wood or charcoal. Many fire pit experts use both wood and charcoal in order to achieve a smokey flavor, while still having the ease of lighting charcoal.


If you are a beginner, stick to charcoal. It is very easy to light and can burn fairly hot. It is also a great choice if you are planning on cooking food that has been seasoned or marinated. The charcoal does not give off an overpoweringly strong smokey flavor, meaning that it will not affect the seasoning flavor.


Wood is the classic choice for fire pit cooking. It is not as easy to light as charcoal, but it all depends on the type of wood that you are using.

There are a few ways in which you can set up your wood in the fire pit. The most popular option is the teepee arrangement: you start by placing the tinder in the center of the pit and arranging the kindling around it in a teepee shape.

Avoid using leaves or paper as these burn quickly and can produce fly ash. The best wood for a fire pit is dry seasoned hardwood.

Setting Up Your Fire Pit

Location is very important when setting up a fire pit. You have to make sure that it will not be dangerously close to flammable objects or vegetation.

If you plan on setting your fire pit up on the ground, make sure that it has a deep and sandy base. You could use fire pit rings in order to shelter your fire from a breeze. With that being said, it is recommended that you do not start a fire if it is overly windy.

Once you have chosen a good location, you need a fire pit grill. This is simply a cooking grill that is designed to be placed over an open fire. Gather some basic grilling equipment, such as tongs, a grill brush, and a spatula.

It is a good idea to set up your fire in a way that you will not have to cook directly over the flames. The best way to do this is by creating a two-zone system: burn the fuel on one side of the pit and move the embers over to the other side once they are hot enough. You can then cook the food over the side with the embers.

Managing The Heat

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you start by cooking relatively small pieces of meat on your fire pit. To be more specific, you should cook pieces that are about one inch thick - this will teach you how to grill food properly and how to control the smoky flavor that you achieve on the pit.

You can control the amount of heat that you are exposing your food to in two ways:

Distance From The Embers

The closer your food is to the embers, the more heat it will receive. Similarly, the further away your food is, the less heat it will receive.

You can move your food further away from the embers by relocating it to the outside of the grill. You could also leave the food in the center and move the embers to the edges of the fire pit.

Amount Of Embers

The more embers in your fire pit, the more heat your food will receive. Similarly, the fewer embers in your fire pit, the less heat your food will receive.

If you notice that your food is getting too much heat, move a few embers to the edges. You could also remove some embers and cool them down in a safe place, such as a sandbag or water.

Direct And Indirect Heat

It would help if you thought about timing when you cook in a fire pit.

It is recommended that you start by cooking the thickest and biggest pieces of meat first as they will take the longest. Place the smaller pieces of meat on the grill when you think the time is right. This will ensure that all the food is done at about the same time.

It is also important to note that the thicker pieces of meat will continue to cook for a minute or so after they have been removed from the grill. With this in mind, you will want to take the meat off of the fire pit just before they are fully cooked the way you want.

Direct heat is heat caused by the flames of the fire. It is perfect for cooking smaller meat, such as hot dogs, kebabs, and hamburgers.

However, indirect heat is more suitable for larger pieces of meat, such as whole chickens and thick pieces of steak. To cook with indirect heat, you will need to use a lid. Make sure that the meat is directly over the embers before covering it with the lid. The heat will be trapped inside the fire pit, making sure that your food cooks quickly and evenly.


You need to choose a suitable fuel, such as wood or charcoal, before setting up your fire pit. Make sure that you choose a location that is safe and sheltered. You can manage the heat to your food by moving the embers in the pit or by changing the distance between your food and the embers. Direct heat is best for smaller pieces of meat, and indirect heat is best for larger cuts.

Autumn is a period marked with the spectacular beauty of falling leaves. What to do with them is a question many people face each year. Your options range from bagging to burying to burning.

However, bagging and burying are both time-consuming. Burning comes off as the easiest option, not to mention the distinct and memorable aroma it creates in the air.

If you have a fire pit, it’d be a nice idea to know how to burn leaves in a fire pit. But before you get started, here’s what you need to know

Check the Bylaws

Before you create a bonfire in your backyard, you need to check if the municipality allows it. Different jurisdictions have their regulations concerning open fires and specifically about burning leaves. In some areas, open burning is prohibited because of the pollution it causes.

As bylaws sometimes change without notice, it's a wise idea to check the current rules before lighting the autumn bonfire. If you need to get a permit to burn leaves in your fire pit, ensure you do so.

Burn Only Dry Leaves

Burning wet leaves can be a nuisance because of the smoke they produce. However, they're also a danger when left lying around, but you can collect them in a heap in a corner. Leave them to dry before burning them.

Collect the leaves together using a rake and a broom and put them in a tidy pile in the fire pit. You also should be cautious that embers don’t fly from the fire pit into grass or anything that is flammable. This is why it’s advisable to burn the leaves a small bundle at a time.

Putting large piles into the fire pit may result in a massive bonfire that might be hard to control. Too many leaves in the fire pit will also inhibit proper airflow, causing the fire to die out quickly. Remember that fire pits aren't designed to burn leaves, and it may not be entirely safe.

If your pit is shallow, the risk of embers flying off is a lot higher. Deep holes may get overloaded with leaves, putting them at risk of the end caps getting damaged.

Before Lighting the Fire

It's essential to be concerned about your safety when burning leaves in a fire pit. Bring some safety equipment close nearby to help you fight the fire if it accidentally gets out of control.

Bring a fire extinguisher, buckets of water, shovels, and rakes, and place them where you can quickly access them. You’ll return them to their respective places when the bonfire is out. Water will especially be useful in helping extinguish the fire completely.

It would be dangerous to the environment to leave the embers burning. While the burning leaves emit poisonous carbon monoxide fumes, the embers are worse at it. Besides, any outdoor fire should never be left unattended regardless of how feeble the embers seem to be.

Lighting the Fire

Throwing a burning match into the leaves to light them up would be a thrill. However, for your safety, you want to have a more controlled approach to lighting the fire. You also should avoid using kerosene or gasoline to start the fire.

Use paper to light the fire instead, by placing it safely under the leaves. Light it first, and as it burns, it’ll light up the leaves. Alternatively, you can use a long piece of wood to burn the leaves from a distance.

Douse one end of the stick in white spirit and light it up. Place it on the leaves and let the fire spread to the whole pile while using the stick to spread them out within the pit.

Keep Watch

You need to keep a safe distance from the fire pit to avoid burning yourself. You want to avoid smoke that can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat. Exposure to the fumes emitted by the burning leaves can also reduce the amount of oxygen in your lungs.

This can lead to wheezing, coughing, and other respiratory problems. They can become long-term health problems if you’re not careful, which you want to avoid in the first place.

You also should watch over the fire as it burns to prevent anything from going wrong. It could even be a good moment to sit back and watch the beautiful flames as you sip some lemonade.

If the fire spreads beyond the fire pit, sprinkle some water to put it under control. It’d be better to start the whole process again than have a fire hazard to deal with around your home.

Put out the Fire

When you’ve burnt all the leaves, you’ll be left with a pile of ash that looks cold. You might think it’s safe to leave it that way but don’t. For your safety, pour water over the ash to put it out completely.

Collect the ashes from the fire pit and dispose of them. You can put the ashes in a bucket of water and pour them down the drain once you’re sure the fire has died.

Tips for Burning Leaves in the Fire Pit

Burning leaves is a natural form of disposing of them, but the process comes with a risk. If you have a big heap to deal with, it’s best to determine the most appropriate time to burn it. As a tip, lighting a bonfire on calm nights is ideal.

The perfect weather for pit fires is when it's calm and cool. Nighttime would be best when the temperatures are also cooler. By all costs, avoid lighting a fire when the weather is predicted to change or a storm is coming.


Burning leaves in a fire pit is not your usual pit-burning activity. Fire pits are not designed to burn leaves, but they use other sources of fuels, mostly wood. However, it’s not cast in stone that you shouldn’t burn anything else in them.

When cleaning your yard and collecting the leaves, you can learn how to burn leaves in a fire pit safely. Ensure you do this only if the bylaws in your area allow. Be careful not to let the fire spread out of the fire pit area to avoid potential fire hazards.

Having a fire pit in your backyard is one of the best ways to entertain your guests. It’s also a place you can sit and relax as you watch the sunset or catch up with family. On the cold nights of summer, you can watch the stars as you prepare hot dogs in the fire pit.

While you can buy a ready-made fire pit, there’s more excitement in creating one from scratch. It can be a simple hole in the ground, or it can be more sophisticated with retaining blocks around it. Whether you use retaining blocks when making your fire pit or not depends on the type of fire pit.

Types of Fire Pits

The type of fire pit you build is mostly determined by the materials you use. Some common fire pit ideas include these.

Fire Pit Ring

You can purchase a predesigned fire ring for a DIY project. The rings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and stone patterns.

Custom Fire Pit

A custom fire pit requires a few basic skills and some creativity. Designing and building a DIY fire pit usually involves the use of retaining wall blocks. How high you stack the retaining blocks depends on the desired depth of the fire pit.

In-Ground Fire Pit

An in-ground fire pit is an ultimate way to gather around an outdoor fire. However, such fire pits are riskier as someone may slip and fall inside. You also need to find a way to keep children and pets away from the blazing fire.

How to Make a Retaining Blocks Fire Pit

Before making a fire pit in your backyard, check with the local authorities if the structures are allowed. You don’t want to install a fire pit only to be slapped with a fine from the government. Only carry on with the construction when you have all the necessary permits.

Choose a Safe Site

Locate the best place to have your fire pit. It should be on relatively flat ground and a safe distance from anything flammable. Clear any bushes or trees hanging close nearby. Take note of the movement of wind around the location you choose to avoid smoke billowing to your home’s interior.

Required Tools and Process

Collect the tools you need for building your fire pit. These include:

Once you have the tools ready, decide how big you want the pit to be, and measure this using the measuring tape. Most DIY pits are in the range of 36 and 44 inches. Use the marking paint to outline the desired dimensions on the ground.

Drive a stake into the ground, in the middle of the area where you want to have the fire pit. Tie a length of string to the fixed stake that is equal to half the diameter of the cavity. Walk around the stake with the cord extended, marking the perimeter.

Excavate Gently

The next step is to dig out a shallow trench inside the marked perimeter. It should be about eight inches deep but deeper if the yard is sloppy. The raised side should be deeper than the opposite end to ensure that the installation is well leveled.

Pour a fine layer of sand in the excavated area, about two inches thick. Tamp it down to compact and level it. Bring the concrete retaining wall blocks and lay one course around the edges of the fire pit.

Layering the Blocks

Check to see that the blocks are well placed and in a level position. If any adjustments are required, use the rubber mallet to tap them to the correct height.

Place another layer of the retaining blocks above the initial layer. Apply the masonry adhesive to attach the bricks. Leave small intermittent gaps between the blocks for enhanced airflow.

The height of the retaining blocks wall will depend on how deep you want your fire pit to be. Very high walls may prevent the pit from serving its purpose. You may not get sufficient warmth from it.

Final Touches

Inside the fire pit, you want to ensure that the surface is accommodative of your wood fuel. You can add about four inches of crushed stone to raise the surface a little higher. If you like, you can add another ring of blocks and apply the adhesive.

Leave the pit and the walls to set and dry for about two days before the first fire. If all goes well, your fire pit should last a long while and give you the service you want. Use it not just for warmth but also for barbeque parties.

Tips for Building Your Fire Pit

Earlier, it was mentioned that a fire pit with retaining walls is a type on its own. Another type that was highlighted is the fire pit with a ring. However, these two types can be combined into one.

Consider inserting a steel fire ring to reinforce the blocks. This will help them last longer, avoid breaking, and drying out prematurely.

It might be tempting to use river stones when building your fire pit. This is a temptation you should avoid at all costs. River stones carry the risk of exploding when heated.

Final Thoughts

Building a fire pit in your backyard is a simple DIY task if you have the right materials. Choose your materials depending on the type of pit you want. An open fire pit dug into the ground may not require much effort.

If you want to build a wall around the fire pit, you can use some retaining blocks. They come in various shapes, and the overall look of the pit will depend on your creativity. The height of the pit is determined by how protective you want the fire pit to be.

You don’t need any special retaining blocks for the walls. Concrete blocks will work just fine as long as you ensure they’re well fixed. Resist the urge to use river stones to avoid fire hazards.

Cast iron pits are heavy and durable. People tend to prefer them to steel fire pits since they’re more resistant to rust and weather elements. The best cast iron fire pits are also inexpensive and easy to maintain.

They come in many designs and styles, but a good number of them have a cast iron bowl that holds wood logs. They heat up nicely and keep the fire burning longer than most other fire pits. Their weight makes them more steadfast, even in high winds.

On their downside, cast iron fire pits are less portable. Despite this disadvantage, the fire pits have a lot to offer when used correctly. Consider these top picks when looking for a product that won’t disappoint.

Comparison Chart

Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl

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Deepeeka AH4394 Medieval Fire Pit

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Esschert Design BV11 Firepit with Grate

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Best Cast Iron Fire Pits Reviews

Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl

If you only have space enough for a single fire pit, the Esschert should be your priority. It'll help you to entertain your guests while keeping your patio warm.


This heavy-duty fire bowl is large enough to keep a party of six people warm. You can sit anywhere in the patio, and still feel the warmth of this fire pit.


One of the selling points of this fire pit is its durability. It is made to last more than just a few seasons. You can tell that it’ll last by looking at it, not to mention that its touch also feels very solid. Its black heat-resistant paint shields it from rust and maintains its integrity.

The secure round base is made from a heavy-duty gauge that keeps it stable even in the strongest winds. For a complete setup, attach the bottom to the bowl using the screws in the package.


The bowl is extra-large and designed to directly hold the wood logs without the need of a grate. Its design is well shaped to allow air to flow freely around the logs to keep them burning. It's a fire pit that can burn the whole night if you intend to have an overnight party.

On its downside, the fire pit is only available in black, which isn't so appealing to the eyes. It also lacks a cover to place over the fire pit when not in use.




Deepeeka AH4394 Medieval Fire Pit

The Deepeeka Medieval fire pit is a free-standing product made of iron. It’s a simple fire pit with several benefits for anyone looking for a cast iron fire pit.


The name of this fire pit insinuates its history that dates back to the medieval times. It’s a classic example of a fire brazier common in the bounds of any camp in the Roman army.

The braziers were used inside a city when peace prevailed and also during times of war. They were used to provide light through the night and also keep the army warm in the cold months.


The brazier's design resembles a cage and comprises several iron-metal slates designed to hold the burning wood in the pit. In between the slates are spaces that allow the fire to escape to keep you warm.

The firepit assumes an excellent darkened cast-iron look that brings out its authenticity as an icon of great history. It has undergone several developments to date, but it remains a replica of the ancient fire pit.

Consider it a great addition to your collection if you’re a history enthusiast. Its functionality includes heating and cooking.




Esschert Design BV11 Firepit with Grate

When looking for the best cast iron fire pits, don’t overlook the Esschert Low Profile firepit. It's a heavy-duty mold that comes with an upper grate that lets you use it for cooking.


The fire pit comes with a rustic appearance that complements a rustic patio-décor theme. It’s made from black cast iron that gives it a traditional look.

Its versatility allows you to use it for warming and as a barbeque grill. When holding a party, you won't require a separate fire pit, as this will serve both purposes adequately. After cooking, remove the grate to let the fire blaze.

You can use the fire pit to keep warm long into the night. Its small size limits the amount of fuel it consumes. You don’t have to worry about running out of wood as its consumption is well controlled.


The fire pit assumes a circular shape and has cut-outs on the sides for improved ventilation. The petite size allows the bowl to be placed anywhere, and you won't have to worry about it toppling over as the base is stable.





Cast iron pits are more durable than their steel counterparts, although they're less portable. They also do an excellent job of keeping the fire burning for longer into the night. The best cast iron fire pits are designed in a way that eases how you handle them.

They also can be used for more than keeping you warm, especially when you're hosting a barbeque party. Once you find the one that most appeals to you, it’ll be a long while before you consider a replacement.

Tabletop fire pits are attracting many people with each passing season. They help create an ambient environment where you can hold private conversations or lounge about. Tabletops differ from outdoor fire pits since they're larger and rest on an existing tabletop.

They go a long way in adding an extra layer of elegance to your outdoor space. The best tabletop fire pit can be used for more than just keeping you warm on a cold night. Use it for cooking and roasting marshmallows, an experience you and your kids will love.

When looking for a tabletop fire pit, several factors come into play. The size in relation to the intended location, portability, and materials used are among them. Comparing all the models on the market can take a lot of your time, but this review comes to make your work easier.


Comparison Chart

Regal Flame Utopia Ventless Tabletop Fireplace

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Fire Topper Tabletop Fire Pit


Regal Flame Bruno Ventless Tabletop Fireplace

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Best Tabletop Fire Pit Reviews

Each tabletop fire pit you come across on the market has its pros and cons. This is why you should do some due diligence before committing your money. Here are some top picks that won’t disappoint.

Regal Flam Utopia Ventless Tabletop Fireplace

This tabletop fire pit is a creation by Regal Flame that promises to deliver the experience you desire. It fits well both inside and outside your home and poses no risk of causing suffocation. The ethanol it burns is clean, and the flames are exciting to watch.

The base of the Regal Flame Utopia fire pit is solid and makes for an ideal design for contemporary homes. The style if strong, beautiful, and exhibits subtle boldness. This makes it stand out and blend into both modern and traditional homes.

The best value of this desktop fire pit is in the small candle-like quality of the flame. It doesn't burn too strongly or too softly but at the right intensity for a couple of hours. To extend the life of the evening party, you only need to refill and the flame will glow again.

Cost and Value

The Regal Flame Utopia fire pit is not your average desktop fire pit. Its contemporary style makes it look expensive and high-end. With all its qualities, you’d think that its price is out of range.

You’ll be happy to know that the fire pit is quite affordable. Its credibility and quality are enough reason to part with your money for this unit.


  • The finishing of this fire pit comprises colorful elegance

  • The flame is small and contained, yet steady and functional

  • The unit can burn various types of fuels

  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors

  • Easy to use


  • It burns the fuel too quickly and needs constant refilling

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Fire Topper Tabletop Fire Pit

The Fire Topper fireplace is a landscape-quality tabletop made of concrete. This tells you it’s built to last and will be the envy of your neighbors.

The Fire Topper is a classic with a standard bowl and rock filing. It produces a high and hot smoke, which might get you a little worried if you have young ones around. It lacks a safety screen like most other fire pits on the market, a factor that makes you have a better view of the flame.

The fire pit burns on propane, which quickly heats up and is easy to light. The insulation bowl provides safety and protects you from burns from the hot surface. The base doesn’t get too hot, and you don’t need to worry about your young ones getting burnt afterward.

On its downside, the Fire Topper can only be used outside and requires a propane tank to run. It also comes at a slightly high price for its value, but you can rest assured that it'll last longer and perform safely.


  • Produces a good and reliable amount of heat

  • Easy and convenient to use at the turn of a knob

  • Runs quietly

  • The design is simple yet elegant

  • It outlasts most of its counterparts on the market and is easy to assemble


  • It’s a heavy fire pit that requires the effort of two people to move around

  • Not ideal for use inside the house and only runs on propane


Regal Flame Bruno Ventless Tabletop Fireplace

The Regal Flame Bruno Fireplace is a sharp contrast to its Utopia counterpart. Instead of being built into the table, it's a fire pit you can move from one place to another. Avoid touching it while it's on to prevent fire accidents.

The Bruno fire pit doesn’t come with vents as none are required. The flame burns without emitting any fumes since it is ethanol-based. You also don't need to worry about ventilation when you're using the pit inside.

For a warm cozy home, the Bruno fire pit comes in handy to help keep the cold nights at bay. It’ll prevent you from spending too much on your electricity bill on the rainy days. The heat it produces is more than enough to keep even the smallest apartment warm and comfortable.

The size of this fire pit is 8.3" by 8.7" by 11.6", and the flame produced is approximately 8-11” high. It has a BTU of 2,000 and can burn for approximately 2-3 hours. The burner is made of 304-stainless steel and is the best alternative to hurricane candle holders.


  • Among the lightest fire pits you’ll get at 2 pounds

  • It’s made from durable stainless steel

  • Ideal for small apartments, both indoors and outdoors

  • Requires no chimney, electric, gas, or gel cans

  • Comes with two safety screens to reduce the risk of accidents


  • Can be costly to run because of high fuel prices

  • Doesn’t come with aesthetic rocks like most of its counterparts

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Spending some time outdoors, especially during summer, is a lot more fun when you have a fire pit. It completes the backyard experience and changes the way you gather around your patio. The piece also comes in handy to keep you warm in the chilly nights as you enjoy your family’s company.

However, you won’t experience all this if you don’t acquire the best tabletop fire pit. Don’t settle for the first one you come across for the sake of it. The picks reviewed here are some of the most reliable models that’ll give you value for your money.

The idea that a fire pit is no more than a big hole that you dig in the ground, fill with wood and set alight has long since passed.

Today, outdoor fire pits are stylish, stand-alone units which not only allow you to keep yourself and your guests warm, they can also be very attractive features in your garden.

There are several styles and designs, so to help you choose the best outdoor fire pit for your garden, decking or backyard, we are going to review 5 top fire pits and explain how their main features benefit you.


Best Outdoor Fire Pit Reviews

1. Sunnydaze Decor Large Outdoor Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Decor Large Outdoor Fire Pit

This is a large, round fire pit which reminds us of a witch’s cauldron that you'd see at Halloween time. It is simple to use and provides tremendous heat when fully ablaze.


Whilst it is nigh on impossible to predict the amount of heat that wood burning will produce, it is logical to assume that the more wood you have burning the hotter the fire will be. We mention this because Sunnydaze’s fire pit has a bigger diameter than many other round fire pits.

What this means is that it can hold more wood; therefore, the fire you can create in it is going to be more intense, and thus generate more heat than the others.

To help you prepare the fire and have the wood placed correctly within the fire pit, there are strips on the base of the grate. This keeps the wood in the optimum position to both light the fire, and for it to burn properly. When the fire is burning, a mesh dome prevents any embers from escaping.

The fire pit is constructed from thick steel so it is durable, and the high-temperature paint which coats it, should not deteriorate due to the heat.

  • Grate strips to hold wood

  • Large 34” diameter

  • Decorative cauldron-like design

  • Poker supplied


  • Prone to rusting if uncovered

  • Heavy for its size

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2. Sorbus Square Fire Pit

Sorbus Square Fire Pit

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this outdoor fire pit looks very like a coffee table and because of its square shape – it had us thinking that too. Its attractive design means it would make a great centerpiece in a garden or on decking.


This is a fire pit which needs to be assembled; however, it is very easy to do, and within a few minutes, you should have it ready to use. Not only is it easy to assemble, but you can disassemble it easily too, should you wish to take with you on a camping or RV vacation.

Surrounding the square fire bowl is a ledge which provides a convenient place for guests to place cups or glasses and gives you somewhere to place your tools and accessories as you light the fire. This ledge has a stone type finish which gives it a very attractive appearance.

After each fire, you will want to clean out the fire bowl, and this task is made easier due to the grate in the base of the bowl. This can be lifted out so that you can get to the ashes underneath it and remove them

The finishing piece is the mesh cover which is also square but is shaped like a house roof. It prevents embers from being blown from the firepit and creating a fire risk. From a visual perspective, it provides a great finishing touch to a very attractive piece of garden furniture.


  • Grate to aid cleaning

  • Surrounding ledge

  • Stone effect finish

  • Easy to assemble/disassemble


  • Cover is poor quality

  • Needs to be secured in high wind

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3. F2C Hex Shaped Fire Pit

When it comes to outdoor fire pits, this one is as decorative as they come. Its hexagonal shape is unusual, and the cutouts on the firebox give it even more style.


Despite it looking like a very heavy item, this fire pit is quite lightweight, so it can easily be repositioned or moved whenever the need arises, albeit its shape makes holding it somewhat challenging.

The hexagonal bowl is wide and deep, so it can certainly hold plenty of wood. On the base of the bowl, there are fixed strips which hold the wood in position to make lighting the fire easier. This also makes the wood burn more readily, akin to a bonfire when all the wood is standing upright.

The fire bowl has diamond-shaped cutouts all around its circumference which has mesh on the inside to prevent ash etc. from falling out. After dark, when the fire is burning, these provide a wonderful visual experience as you can look at the hot glow of the burning wood inside the fire pit. Adding to the eye-catching design is the bronze finish which has been applied to the fire pit.

On the top of the fire pit, there is a large fire-retardant ember shield, which consists mainly of mesh. with a circular loop on top to allow you to remove it using the poker which is supplied.


  • Flame retardant ember shield

  • Stylish hexagonal design

  • Grate strips for wood

  • Wide/deep bowl


  • Prone to rusting

  • Awkward to carry

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4. Outsunny Square Outdoor Fire Pit

Outsunny Square Outdoor Fire Pit

If you are looking for a feature for your garden, then this outdoor fire pit fits the bill perfectly. It looks great, is easy to use, and will allow you and guests to keep warm when it is being used.


One of the reasons we feel this fire pit would make a great feature in the garden is because of the ledge which surrounds the firebox in the center. It is wide enough for guests to place cups or glasses, so you can all gather around it, have a drink, and savor the ambiance created by the burning wood just next to you.

The fire pit's frame is made from strong steel, so it is solid and secure. In the base of the firebox is a grate which aids the clean-up afterwards, as the ash and embers collect underneath it. You simply remove the grate, scoop out all the ash, and now your fire pit is ready for the next time you wish to use it.

To protect those in the vicinity from being burned by a stray ember blown from the fire, a large mesh ember shield sits over the firebox. This can be removed using the raking/poker tool which is supplied with the fire pit.

This can be used to rake ashes or remove unwanted debris from the firebox. Another accessory which comes with the fire pit is a waterproof cover which protects the metal from rain.


  • Table top surround

  • Comes with waterproof cover

  • Solid steel frame

  • Large ember shield


  • Cover blows off in strong wind

  • Requires some assembly

CHECK LATEST PRICE ONLINE  (Link will take you to Amazon)

5. Endless Summer Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Endless Summer Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

If you want an outdoor fire pit that is convenient, clean and allows you to set its heat output to your preferred level, then this gas-powered fire pit is exactly what you need.


We'll start right away by saying that, unlike the others we've reviewed, this fire does not use wood as its fuel. Instead, it uses propane gas from a tank that is stored inside the unit. Obviously, burning gas means there are no ashes or embers to remove afterwards so if you hate cleaning up you should love this.

Lighting the fire pit is the simple matter of pressing the ignition button, and away you go. The flames then heat up the lava rocks which are sitting in the fire bowl and provide an excellent visual feature in the center.

Once you have the flame lit, you can adjust the heat output using the control panel. This fire pit can produce up to 30,000 BTU which means even on the very coldest of days or evenings it is going to keep you warm.

The control we've just mentioned is hidden from view which means any children (or adults) won't be tempted to mess around with it, plus with it keeps the design nice and clean. Talking of design there is a stone effect ledge around the edge of the fire pit which can be used by guests to place glass or cups.


  • Push-button ignition

  • No cleaning necessary

  • 30,000 BTU heat

  • Hidden control panel


  • Not enough lava rocks supplied

  • Cover is very flimsy

CHECK LATEST PRICE ONLINE (Link will take you to Amazon)


Outdoor fire pits obviously provide a practical use, in terms of keeping you and your guests warm outside, but they also make very eye-catching features in your garden too.

All the products we reviewed did both very well so picking which one we considered to be the best outdoor fire pit wasn't easy. After some heated debate (get it?) we chose the Endless Summer 30-Inch Outdoor LP Gas Fire Pit.

Admittedly it doesn't have the appeal and aromas of burning wood, but what it offers, that the others don't, is an easy, clean and convenient way to provide heat outdoors.

The fire pit can be lit with the press of a button, the flame adjusted to your preferred level, it provides an enormous amount of heat, and it is an ideal centerpiece which you, your family or guests can sit around and stay warm.

Learning how to light firewood in a fire pit is simple if you follow the right tips and have the right tools to use.

There are various methods as well as different fire starter products to aid you when it comes to starting a fire in a fire pit.

Once you learned how, afternoon get-togethers with friends around the fire pit will be the highlight of your weekends.

Before we start talking about how to do it, let’s first talk about the things that you need to build a fire

Things You Need

First and foremost, make sure that the area around the fire pit is safe and that no fire hazard materials are lying around.

Once you have secured it, it’s time to prepare the essential things for lighting up the firepit the traditional way.

1. Matches

Unless you are using an alternative fire starter, matches are the first thing you will need to start a fire, though matchsticks are the most convenient.

2. Tinder

Tinder is anything that will help you start the fire, like newspaper, small and dry twigs and sticks, or leaves that will easily ignite.

3. Kindling

A kindling is a dried wood that is a bit larger than the splinters but smaller than your firewood.

This will serve as the coal bed in your firepit and keep your fire burning.

4. Firewood

These are the dried logs that will be on top of your pile, which will build your fire and keep it burning longer.

5. Water

It is always advised to keep a bucket of water handy for putting out the fire once done so you don’t leave any burning embers that might be a cause for accidental fire.

How to Light Firewood in a Firepit

Each person has their way of doing things, depending on their preferences and methods that they find most comfortable for them to follow and perform.

When it comes to lighting an outdoor firepit, you don’t need to have the skills of a scout to get an open fire going.

The art of producing a flame has been around since ancient times, and we are very fortunate that igniting a fire these days is not as hard as during the time of our ancestors.

Below are ways on how to light firewood in a fire pit and some product suggestions that you can try to speed up the process of igniting a fire.

We will show you how to light firewood in a fire pit in more convenient ways through the products that we are about to recommend.

Traditional Method

Before starting the process of lighting a fire, gather the things that you will be needing.

Prepare your tinder, kindling, and your seasoned firewood, ensuring that everything is dry.

Pile a generous amount of touchwood and then place your kindling materials on top.

When doing so, make sure that you leave enough space so you can light the tinder underneath.

You can now strike a match to the tinder and let the fire consume the pile before you slowly add your firewood in a pyramid style.

Doing this ensures that there’s enough air to keep flames blazing.

Using Fatwood and Pine Cones

Using fatwood and pinecones in starting a fire removes the need to gather tinder and kindling.

Dried pinecones will serve as your splinters, while fatwood is your kindling, which usually comes from pine tree stumps that you split into smaller portions.

Fatwood contains high resin content, which, when hardened, becomes a combustible fire starter.

Using Fire Starters

A good alternative for this lighting method is the first suggested product that we want you to check.

1. Lightning Nuggets Fire Starter

Buy online

This product is the best alternative for tinder and kindling because you don’t need to search and gather dried materials as fire starters.

These lightning nuggets can light up just about anything from fire pits to wood-burning ovens or appliance, campfires, and more.

A single lightning nugget will stay on fire for 15 minutes, providing you with flame as high as eight inches and as hot as 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can be sure that this product is non-toxic and environmentally safe as it comes from all-natural pitch wood by-product or wood shavings.

It also has a lifetime shelf life, so it’s ok to keep this product on hand, so you always have one ready whenever and if ever you need it.

2. Gerber Gear Fire Starter

Buy Online

Gerber Gear is an American company known for creating knives and other survival tools and gears.

This fire starter is a small and compact with an easy to strike Ferrocerium rod, plus a 100 decibel emergency whistle, all  packed inside a waterproof compartment.

The fire starter is kept secured and joined together by a lanyard for convenience.

The actual product measures 4.8 inches when closed and weighs 2.6 ounces.

The purchase of this fire starter will also include SOS and land to air instructions about rescue as well as a pocket survival guide.



3. Broil King Electric Charcoal Fire Starter

Buy online

This last product recommendation uses electricity to ignite a fire for your charcoal.

Most of us have a hard time starting up our charcoal grill during barbecue nights.

If you are among those experiencing that issue or concerned about the chemicals that might transfer to your food if you use starter blocks, then you might want to check this Broil King electric striker.

This electric charcoal starter can produce 500 watts of electricity using 120 volts of power with its stainless steel heating coil.

With this, you don’t have to use any flammable liquid or a match to heat and light up your coals.  It lights charcoal directly on the fire.

The handle of the electric starter is of heat-resistant plastic material, so there’s no worry of getting burned when it’s time to remove the starter away from the coals.


Types of Firewood to Use in Fire Pits

Another element of enjoying a warm and blazing fire in your fire pits is the kind of firewood you will be using.

We talked about how to start a fire and even suggested products that you can use to make it easier for you to ignite a flame.

Now, it’s time to talk about the kind of firewood that you can use for your fire pits so that you can enjoy that warm and cozy feeling you get as you stare at a blazing fire.

Woods Not Good for Burning

Before we proceed to good firewood, let’s also take note of the woods that you should not burn.

For safety reasons, the Environmental Protection Agency has suggested that some woods should not be burned, like those that are painted, pressure-treated, or stained.

The same goes for wet, diseased, moldy, or rotted woods, as these kinds of wood can release toxins that may be harmful to the environment and those who inhale the fumes.

Driftwood, particleboard, or plywood are also not recommended for burning in your fire pits for the same reason that they may also release harmful toxins.

Lastly, while softwoods like cedar and pine are easy and quick to light, they also burn faster, which will result in burning more wood.

Best Firewood Options

You can buy little bundles of firewood in groceries or even gas stations, but are those the best option to use for your fire pits?

Here are our suggestions:

1. Black Oak or California Black Oak

This hardwood is easily found and available in the Southern California area.

It is the top choice for a slow and steady fire that lasts throughout the evening.

For best results, make sure to use a seasoned black oak or one that’s been dried for a year or two.

Black oak does not generate too much ash as compared to other types of oak firewood, making it easy to clean the fire pit.

2. White Oak or Oregon White Oak

White Oak is another standard firewood in Southern California, which can also burn long and hot, although this one generates more ash than Black Oak and other oak types of wood.

3. Coast Live Oak

This long-burning hardwood abounds in coastal regions and can burn hot without producing a lot of smoke.

However, this kind of firewood is hard to split, which might require you to use a log splitter or the services of a log trimmer.

4. Valley Oak or California White Oak

The Valley Oak is another hardwood found in California and is also an ideal choice for firewood as it burns long and slow, which means you use less wood for your fire pits.

Just like other oak woods, this variety also needs seasoning or drying for at least a couple of years before it is ready for use.

5. Walnut

Another long-burning hardwood that you can easily find in Southern California is the walnut, which does not produce a lot of smoke, as well.

6. Avocado

Avocado wood is good for starting a fire in your fire pits and is readily available in Southern and Central California.

Since this firewood burns faster than the others that we have mentioned, it is best to combine this with oak woods.

In doing this, you don’t have to continually add more logs to your fire pit once it starts burning.

7. Pacific Madrone

This kind of firewood is harder to find and more expensive than softwoods but can burn slow and offer warmth longer.

What’s more, it does not produce a lot of ashes compared to hardwoods.

This kind of firewood should be split while the wood is still green because it becomes harder to cut as it dries.

The good thing about madrone is that it is seasoned faster than oak woods and is ready for use only after a year.

8. Almond

Almond wood is another type of firewood that is hard to find, unlike oak firewoods.

This excellent firewood also costs more than the more popular ones but seasons and dries faster than oaks.

Almond wood is one of those long-burning logs that do not leave a lot of messy ashes for more easy cleanup.

9. Bigleaf Maple

This hardwood does not offer as much heat like oak or madrone but is more affordable compared to the two.

Bigleaf Maple wood also lights quicker, seasons faster, and burns longer as compared to softwoods, but not as long as oaks.

10. Ash

Ashwood is also part of the hardwood family but much more manageable to light and split than most popular hardwoods.

What is good about this type of firewood is that you can burn it even if it’s not thoroughly dried yet and will still give off enough heat to warm you up without leaving a lot of ashes.

Ashwood does not burn as long as oakwoods but is considered one of the best options for your fire pits.

Fire Pit Safety Tips

Having a fire pit in your backyard adds charm to every home and is an excellent place to spend cold nights while staring at the dancing flames.

However, fire pits also pose fire hazards if not handled and managed correctly because an errant spark can turn into a big fire.

With that said, here are some fire pit safety measures to prevent an accidental fire from happening in your backyard.

1. Fire Pit Location

The location of your fire pit is vital to your safety and the areas surrounding your property.

Make sure that your fire pit is positioned at a minimum of 10 feet to a maximum of 25 feet away from any nearby fence or structure.

Place it away from any low-hanging tree branches or under a covered porch to prevent flying embers from sticking to the leaves or porch roof.

Fire pits should be placed on non-flammable surfaces like concrete or blocks.

2. Preparing the Fire Pit

Remove all combustible materials within five feet of your fire pit area.

You can also place heaps of rocks or dirt around the fire pit to extinguish any falling embers and prevent a possible fire from spreading.

3. Lighting the Fire Pit

You would also want to check the direction of the wind before starting a fire; better yet, do not attempt to light the fire pit if it’s too windy.

Avoid using any flammable fluids in igniting a flame in your fire pit, as it may produce a large flame.

4. Using the Fire Pit

Do not leave the fire pit unattended and make sure your kids and pets are nowhere near it.

You can also put a wire mesh on top of the fire pit to contain the embers inside, and always keep a bucket of water handy.

5. Extinguishing the Fire

Once you’re done for the night, use a shovel to extinguish the flames in the fire pit, and then drown it with water before stirring the ashes to make sure that everything has been put out.

Properly discard the ashes by putting it inside a metal can and allowing it cool down completely.

Final Thoughts

There is no single way of starting a fire, and each person has their favorite method.

Just make sure that your preferred method is safe so that we can avoid accidents from happening.

For a more responsible way of using your fire pit, it is also advised that you learn what to do with the ashes from your fire pits.

Fire pits are becoming increasingly popular, with people spending quality time with family and friends around them. The fireplaces are now available in different designs, colors, and sizes. Since many states restrict the use of wood-burning fire pits, they are being replaced by gas-burning ones.

A gas fire pit comes with the advantages of a traditional fire pit but is safer and easier to customize. You can trust it to deliver better performance in keeping everyone warm, especially in cooler evenings. Finding the best gas fire pit can take a lot of your time, but this guide lists some of the best alternatives.


Comparison Chart

BALI OUTDOORS 28″ Square Table Gas Fire Pit

BUY ONLINE (Link will take you to Amazon)

Christopher Knight Home Square Propane Fire Pit

BUY ONLINE (Link will take you to Amazon)

Endless Summer Gas Outdoor Fireplace

BUY ONLINE (Link will take you to Amazon)

Best Gas Fire Pit Reviews

BALI OUTDOORS 28" Square Table Fire Pit

The BALI Outdoor fire pit comes with an unusual shape and design that almost resembles a square brazier. It’ll look good on your patio, yard, or garden.

The Bali Outdoors fire pit design incorporates a thick, lip-like top around it to act as a table. It's quite a sturdy pit and can act as a permanent fixture in your backyard or patio. At 70 pounds, it's not too heavy to move around if need be.

The finishing adds to its aesthetic value and makes it easy to blend in with a variety of decorative features. The 15-pound fire glass makes the pit safe to use as it controls the flames and keeps the embers from being blown away.


The pit has a 50,000 BTU heat output. The volcanic rocks inside help in heat retention and also add to the decoration. The 20-pound liquid propane tanks are well hidden below the fire pit and are easy to ignite, remove, and replace.

The BALI outdoor fire pit is an excellent addition you don't want to overlook for its low price. It is 28” high by 28” wide and gives you quite ample space to light your mini bonfire.



CHECK LATEST PRICE ONLINE (Link will take you to Amazon)

Christopher Knight Home Propane Fire Pit

A perfect match for your backyard is the Christopher Knight Home Fire Pit. Although it has no fancy glass or aluminum effects, its stone finish is a match for your patio.

The Christopher fire pit comes already assembled and is supplied as a single piece. The square base is made from blocks-and-bricks like steel and magnesium oxide. Here, you can store the propane tanks and hide them away from your guests’ view.

In the middle of the pit is a burner covered with volcanic rocks for a more visual effect. On the exterior of the pit is a smart control panel for controlling the flame. The ignition system is battery-operated, easy to use, and reliable.

On the control panel is a chrome-plated knob for easy control of the heat intensity and flame size. Its positioning provides for safe use and ease of reach. You don't have to keep opening a hidden door every time you adjust the heat setting.

The instructions for use are attached. They’re printed in English and French to reach a wider audience.


The Christopher fire pit produces 40,000 BTUs of heat, enough to keep everyone around it warm. The 2-foot high pit ensures the heat dissipates effectively in the surrounding area without being too far-reaching.



CHECK LATEST PRICE ONLINE (Link will take you to Amazon)

Endless Summer Gas Outdoor Fireplace

The Endless Summer Outdoor Fire Pit is a modern-looking outdoor fireplace. It has a furniture-like finishing and spells elegance in simplicity. It's made of durable steel and covered with beautiful slate tiles.

The fireplace is powered by LP gas and produces a 10,000 BTU fire output. This is a relatively lower output than the other fire pits reviewed here and can't burn wood.

Its access panel features an easy ignition button and black fire glass for a controlled glow. You can also choose from other available colors if you don’t like the black unit.

The propane tank doesn't come included in the package. The base of the pit, however, has enough storage space for the tank. This ensures no bulky tanks are sitting nearby.

Before lighting the fire, leave the propane to run for a minute before turning on the ignition. This is the only way to ensure you don’t have a hard time getting a flame.



CHECK LATEST PRICE ONLINE (Link will take you to Amazon)


Fire pits have a magical effect and instantly improve the ambiance on cold nights. They supply light as well as warmth and create the best environment for creating memories. If you've decided you want to buy a fire pit but aren't sure which one, choose a gas fire pit.

A gas fire pit is easy to use, reliable, and produces enough warmth for everyone around. With this review of the best gas fire pit, it's not hard to pick one that meets your needs. The best part is that you don’t have an ashy mess to deal with after the fire dies out.

It is always nice to have a fire pit at your disposal when it is time for the family to come together for an evening at home. However, you need a fire pit that has what it takes to keep campers warm for a long time when it is cold outside.

Let's take a closer look at some very nice fire pits that come with a variety of features included without breaking the bank

Comparison Chart

Fire Sense Barzelonia Round Copper Look Fire Pit BUY ONLINE  (See the latest prices on Amazon)


Esschert Design Steel Fire Bowl

BUY ONLINE (Link to Amazon)

Pleasant Hearth Palmetto Fire Pit

BUY ONLINE  (Links to Amazon)

Best Fire Pit Under $100 Reviews

Fire Sense Barzelonia Round Copper Look Fire Pit

This is a nice, lightweight fire pit that is easy to use. It will provide you with many hours of great campfire moments.


This fire pit that is provided by Fire Sense is made from high-quality materials that will help it last for a very long time. It is also covered and protected with paint that will be able to withstand the heat for a very long time.

For your safety, there is also a spark screen included that will help keep the sparks inside the bowl. Furthermore, for your convenience, you get a screen lifting tool included so that you can safely lift off the lid when needed without getting burned.

Also included with this fire pit is a strong and durable base to keep the bowl a safe distance away from the ground. The base is protected with heat-resistant paint that will resist rust and erosion for added longevity.

The interior of the bowl is large enough to hold a substantial amount of wood, so it can burn for several hours when it's campfire time. It also looks quite attractive and will display quite well with any decor or garden setup you might have.

Unfortunately, there are no drain holes included with this fire pit from Fire Sense, so water might pile up in the bottom. Also, it might require some assembly before you will be able to use the fire pit, and that might be a problem for some people out there.




Esschert Design Steel Fire Bowl

Next, we have another fire pit that will be able to provide you with long hours of fire and campfire time. It will be able to last for a long time due to its strong and durable construction.


This fire bowl from Esschert Design is made lightweight so that it can easily be transported to a remote site. This feature will add to the mobility of the fire bowl and provide many campfire hours wherever you may go.

With a good-quality paint cover, this fire bowl will resist rust for a very long time, and that makes it quite durable. Plus, it can easily be used not only as a fire pit but also to quickly get the chops cooked if you add a grill.

It is made from high-quality materials to make it strong and durable, which adds to the longevity of the fire bowl. It also comes with quite a large log area to give you a campfire for many hours around the campsite.

This fire bowl comes with a nice design to make it fit into any environment and will provide great decor. It also comes with quite a sturdy base, so it will be able to hold a large fire very conveniently for many joyful hours.

There is no spark screen included, so this will take away some of the safety that other options provide. There is no log grid, either.




Pleasant Hearth Palmetto Fire Pit

This is a very well-designed fire pit that comes with many extras included to make your life much easier. It comes with quite a reasonable price tag attached to it to make it a good investment.


For the safety of the user, this fire pit from Pleasant Hearth comes with a nice spark cover included. This will help keep the environment and bystanders safe by preventing the sparks from escaping while the fire is burning.

The fire pit also comes with a grill included, making it quick and easy to get that fire started for a nice backyard BBQ. Plus, it comes with holes included at the bottom to drain water and prevent rust from forming in the bowl of the fire pit.

A wood grate that is provided with the fire pit will help keep the bowl safe from excess heat, which will help make it last longer. The strong and sturdy construction of this fire pit will also add to the durability and longevity of the fire pit.

The large size of the bowl makes it possible to make quite a large fire to keep you warm for much longer. Also included with this fire pit is a strong and sturdy stand to keep the bowl away from the ground and to offer better heat retention.

Unfortunately, this fire pit will need some assembly, and some might find this to be an unattractive feature. It also is not very weather-resistant, and it might get damaged if left out in the weather for very long.





In this lineup, we found a fire pit that comes with many great features and many extras - the Pleasant Hearth Fire Pit. However, if you are looking for something that comes with a bit lower price point, the Fire Sense Round Fire Pit is also great. It comes with nice safety features and will last for a very long time to provide you with many long hours of warmth.

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