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Halloween Fire Pit Ideas

halloween fire pit ideas

Do you know what could make your Halloween decor more authentic? A fire pit! Just having an outdoor fire pit could mean more outdoor parties for Halloween and, of course, a lot more s’mores. There are several Halloween fire pit ideas you could try depending on where you are looking to set it up. The best […]

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How to Light Firewood in a Fire Pit

how to light firewood in a fire pit

Learning how to light firewood in a fire pit is simple if you follow the right tips and have the right tools to use. There are various methods as well as different fire starter products to aid you when it comes to starting a fire in a fire pit. Once you learned how, afternoon get-togethers with friends […]

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What to Put Around a Fire Pit: Guide & Recommendations

what to put around a fire pit

Hands up! Who loves an open fire on summer evenings? We do! Having a fire pit, whether it’s built-in or otherwise allows you to enjoy long, drawn-out nights in front of the fire, cooking s’mores, and singing campfire songs. Okay, so maybe singing campfire songs isn’t your thing, but you get what we mean. However, the question of what […]

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Do I Need a Burn Permit for a Fire Pit: What to Consider

do I need a burn permit for a fire pit

Gone are the days when people look for grills in the backyard when they buy a house. Nowadays, there are many new amenities like a fire pit and an outdoor kitchen, which are becoming a trend. Having a fire pit in your backyard seems like a great idea, especially in winter, but before burning a fire pit, […]

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What to Do With Ashes From Fire Pit?

what to do with ashes from fire pit

Nothing is more pleasing than spending a beautiful evening with your friends or family beside a fire pit on a winter night.A fire pit is a hole in the ground that has a fire for cooking food or recreational purposes, but the real challenge of having a fire pit is what to do with ashes […]

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Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit Review

solo stove bonfire fire pit review

The Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit is one of the best fire pits in the market and there are many reasons why. You can check out this Solo Bonfire review to help you determine if this particular fire pit fit is your preference.

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Best Fire Pit Tables: Affordable Additions to Your Home

best fire pit tables

Becoming trendier by the day, fire pit tables have become more prevalent in normal households. Although they look very fashionable in outdoor living spaces, having one around comes with risks. As such, when you are looking to buy one, you need to take into account the safety features it has. You also need something easy to […]

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Outland Living Series 401 Fire Pit Table Review

outland living series 401 fire pit table review

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a chilly night out on your patio but struggle due to the cold? An easy solution is a fire table that will keep you warm and cozy throughout the night. This provides a very similar feel to a campout but in the comfort of your own home. Fire tables are not only a very attractive and modern addition to your home décor but also easy to use on nights when you want to relax with friends and family. The special quality of these tables is that the warmth is not too extreme.

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