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Best Fire Pit of 2019: Complete Reviews with Comparison

Best Fire Pit of 2018
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Being able to relax with your family or entertain guests in your garden is certainly more fun when the sun is out, or on long, warm summer evenings.

However, when the temperature drops it becomes an exercise in avoiding the chill, so most people simply head indoors.

A great alternative to this is to use a fire pit which you can set-up quickly and easily to keep everyone warm outside.

Our review will assess five of the best fire pits and highlight why they are a decorative and practical way to create a cozy and warm atmosphere for guests in your guests.

Best Fire Pit Reviews

1. Sunjoy Casper Square Fire Pit

Sunjoy Casper Square Fire Pit

This is a large, square fire pit which is suitable for patios, gardens, backyard and lawns. With a solid steel frame, it is robust and built to last.

Product Highlights

We mentioned the steel frame in the intro, and there is no doubting that the designers of this fire pit wanted to build a durable product. The steel legs give the fire pit a secure base but are stylish at the same time with curved bars arching between each leg.

Should you be placing the fire pit on a surface which could be susceptible to scratches such as decking, the fire pit can still be placed there as each leg has a protector on its base to prevent any marking or damage.

The top of the fire pit, which is made from a faux slate material, has a square paved design, interspersed with copper inserts to add further styling.

The center of the fire pit has a large fire bowl which can be fueled with wood, smokeless coal, or other suitable fuels. The bowl is raised well above the base of the fire pit, to eliminate the possibility of heat from the fire damaging patio or decking materials. To assist you in raking embers and keep the fire going, a metal poker is supplied with the fire pit.

You want to keep everyone safe from burns, plus reduce the risk of any embers escaping and creating a fire risk, so the fire pit comes with a large spark guard which sits on top. This can be removed using the poker and then be replaced.

What's to like about the Sunjoy Casper Square Fire Pit

This is a solid product thanks to its metal frame and legs, so it should be durable enough to keep you and your guests warm for many winters to come.

What's not to like about the Sunjoy Casper Square Fire Pit

The decorative top looks great, but it may be prone to cracking or other damage should anything be dropped on to it.


  • Solid construction
  • Decorative top
  • Metal poker
  • Spark guard


  • Steel frame may rust
  • Fire pan should be thicker

2. Landmann Bromley Fire Pit

Landmann Bromley Fire Pit

If you are looking for a fire pit that not only adds heat to your garden but also adds a touch of style to it as well, then the Landmann Bromley Fire Pit is certainly worth considering.

Product Highlights

This is not the largest fire pit you will ever see, however, it is big enough to provide warmth to you and your guests whether you are in the garden, decking, or patio and can even be used on camping or RV holidays. The reason we say that, is because this fire pit weighs less than 13 lbs. and is only 26 inches in diameter, so it could easily be packed with other equipment and taken along.

If it is simply to be used at home, then its lightweight construction will allow you to place it in whatever spot in the garden you wish. Don't let the word 'lightweight' fool you into thinking this is anything other than a very sturdy and robust fire pit, especially in respect of the solid legs which support it. These are further strengthened by a support ring which connects to each one.

The design of the legs also lends a touch of style to the fire pit, and this is further enhanced by the dome-shaped mesh lid. Although this looks great, it is there for more than decoration, as it prevents embers escaping from the fire pit bowl.

The bowl is circular in shape and has decorative diamond shaped cut outs around its circumference. These cutouts have mesh across them to stop burning ashes and embers from falling out.

A handy poker is provided to allow for the safe removal of the mesh lid, and to rake and embers while the fire pit is alight.

What's to like about the Landmann Bromley Fire Pit

The lightweight nature of this fire pit makes it very easy to move and position anywhere in your garden. This also allows you to take it with you on RV or camping vacations

What's not to like about the Landmann Bromley Fire Pit

As this is made from steel, it is prone to rusting quickly, so it will need to be stored in a shed or garage when not in use


  • Stylish design
  • Mesh dome spark guard
  • Light enough to be portable
  • Secure legs


  • Assembly instructions are poor
  • No drain hole to remove ashes

3. Great Deal Furniture Crawford Propane Fire Pit

Great Deal Furniture Crawford Propane Fire Pit

We move into the realms of automatic ignition and a propane-fueled fire pit with this product. This is a class above most of the others, which you can tell just by looking at it.

Product Highlights

Your excitement about the advanced features of this fire pit may be tempered by you thinking that it is going to come with complicated assembly instructions, but it doesn't. The reason for that is not that the manufacturer forgot them, but because it does not require any assembly, which we're sure will delight you.

As we mentioned in the intro, this fire pit is fueled by propane instead of the usual wood or smokeless coal. This obviously eliminates the need for any cleaning out or disposing of ashes.

The flames appear from a metal gas ring within the top section of the fire pit, which is filled with lava rocks. As the heat increases, the lava rocks glow to produce a very hot, and attractive source of warmth.

There's no need for matches or firelighters either as the fire pit has a battery-powered ignition, and once lit you can adjust the power of the flame with a control dial on the side. The source of the heat is the propane gas tank which is stored inside the fire pit.

It sits on a purpose-built shelf and can be accessed via a small door on the side. It can produce no less than 40,000 BTU, so even on the coldest of days it will keep you warm when you are outside.

The fire pit is square with a stone effect on all four sides. The flame appears in a square fire section which forms the center of the top of the fire pit. This is surrounded by an 8-inch wide flat ledge which guests could place cups or plates as they gather around the source of heat.

What's to like about the Great Deal Furniture Crawford Propane Fire Pit

With propane supplying the fuel, there is no need for cleaning up the mess that is created when burning wood.

What's not to like about the Great Deal Furniture Crawford Propane Fire Pit

The composite material can be susceptible to extremely cold temperatures, so you will need to use the supplied cover every night to prevent it getting damaged.


  • Propane fueled
  • Battery powered ignition
  • Adjustable flame
  • Little or no mess created


  • Very high price
  • Cover rips easily

4. Regal Flame Utopia Indoor and Outdoor Fire Pit

Regal Flame Utopia Indoor and Outdoor Fire Pit

There is no denying that this product is aimed at those who are looking for a small and decorative fire pit, rather than those who want a large, heavy-duty one.

Product Highlights

If you want a large fire pit that can produce heat that can be felt from one side of the garden to the other, this is not the one for you. Compared to the others we are reviewing, this is tiny. Its length is just under 14 inches and with a width of only 7 inches, so you should already be realizing that the appeal of this is its diminutive and decorative qualities.

Being so small it is ideal for use both outdoors, and indoors. It can be placed on coffee tables, sideboards, mantlepieces and even on dining tables. Naturally, it will produce heat when lit, but more enjoyable will be the unique ambience it creates as the flame burns.

The fuel required for this decorative fire pit is ethanol fireplace fuel.  This burns in the ethanol burner in the center of the unit at 2,000 BTUs with the main advantage being there is no cleaning up required afterwards. One other benefit of it being fueled in this way is there is no need for any vents.

As an extra bonus, you can also use this firepit as a bug repellent. Simply mix 85% ethanol fuel with 15% citronella oil, and it will ward off mosquitoes, and other flying insects, so you can enjoy the evening without being pestered by unwanted guests buzzing around.

One last point to note is there is a choice of 6 different colors which are black, white, orange, green, gray and blue.

What's to like about the Regal Flame Utopia Indoor and Outdoor Fire Pit

The decorative appeal of this firepit is undeniable, and it makes an excellent centerpiece for dinner parties or special occasions when the family is gathered around the dining table.

What's not to like about the Regal Flame Utopia Indoor and Outdoor Fire Pit

If you use this fire pit a lot you are going to need a continuous supply of fireplace ethanol. It burns through fuel very quickly, so take this into account in terms of additional costs.


  • Very decorative
  • No venting required
  • No mess afterwards
  • Use indoors or outdoors


  • Burns through fuel very quickly
  • Fuel chamber is too small

5. Belleze Outdoor Wood-Burning Fire Pit

Belleze Outdoor Wood-Burning Fire Pit

This outdoor wood-burning fire pit has a great combination of stylish design and practical use. It is sturdy, portable, and safe, whilst at the same time its cutouts and copper-colored finish make it really stand out.

Product Highlights

Before we discuss using the fire pit, let’s first mention how distinctive it looks. It is a round-shaped fire pit which has star and moon shaped cut outs all around its bowl. These have mesh in the interior to prevent ash etc. from falling out. After dark, when the fire is burning, the glowing effect from these cut outs will create a great atmosphere in your garden or backyard.

The great design doesn’t end there as complementing the cutouts is a circular metal rail around the circumference of the fire pit. The copper-colored brush stroke effect on the exterior completes the styling magnificently.

In terms of the practical usage of the fire pit, it is recommended that you only use wood to fuel any fires. The fire pit has a deep bowl, so there is plenty of capacity to create a fire that is going to keep everyone who is standing next to it warm.

The ember screen is a large dome made from mesh. This does a great job of preventing embers from escaping, while at the same time allowing the maximum amount of heat to be released.

The bowl, and more importantly the base and legs, are all made from steel, so it is certainly strong and durable. The fire pit does require some assembly but there is a manual supplied to show you how to do this.

What's to like about the Belleze Outdoor Wood-Burning Fire Pit

Its styling makes it one of the most eye-catching firepits we have seen, so if you want your fire pit to be as much a feature in your garden as it is a source of heat, then you will love this.

What's not to like about the Belleze Outdoor Wood-Burning Fire Pit

The loop which forms the handle to lift off the ember screen is extremely small. Albeit there is small metal rod supplied but you'd better be good at aiming to get it through this loop.


  • Decorative cut-outs in the bowl
  • Strong and sturdy base
  • Large domed ember shield
  • Light and portable


  • Shield handle is too small
  • Outside surface is easily marked


Fire pits might seem like a simple concept with not much thought required when it comes to buying one, however, that is not the case. There are many differences between the fire pits that are available, so it is important that you consider them all to make sure your choice is the right one. To help you with this, we’ve highlighted five of the most important features below and the variables that exist within them.


You will find that most fire pits are constructed from steel, especially when it comes to the base and the legs. This is to ensure that the fire pit is stable and secure, and to reduce the possibility of it tipping over when it is alight.

The main downside of steel is its tendency to rust, so look for those that can either be moved under shelter easily when not in use or come with a cover. More decorative fire pits may have a composite material on the exterior such as magnesium oxide, but the core structure will still be metal.

Fuel Type

Most fire pits will use wood as their main fuel, although dry garden waste and other combustibles like paper can be added. Other fuels can include smokeless coal, and charcoal so it is important to check with the guidelines that the manufacturer gives you. These fire pits create ash and soot which will need to be cleaned out afterwards.

Another fuel used is propane, which is connected from a gas tank to the fire pit’s burners via a hose. This is a fuel which normally doesn’t create any waste that needs to be cleaned.

Smaller, decorative firepits will use fireplace ethanol fuel, which is also cleaner than wood.

Ring Burner Size

Not every manufacturer advertises their heat output, especially those that use wood as their fuel, because it’s very difficult to calculate the amount of heat burning wood will produce given the number of variables such as the amount of wood, and the surrounding conditions.

While we may not get an exact figure, common sense tells us that the larger the fire pit bowl, the more amount of wood that can be added to burn, therefore the greater the heat that is going to be generated. Therefore, a bowl with a 21-inch diameter is going to produce less heat than a bowl with a 26-inch diameter.

Gas-fueled firepits normally come with heat data as the manufacturers can accurately assess how much heat any given amount of gas can produce. This heat is measured in BTUs and this can range from as low as 2,000 BTUs up to 40,000 BTUs.


The bowls in which the fire is produced tend to be one of three shapes: round, square, or rectangular. Generally, the fire pits with rounds bowls have nothing other than the bowl, and a solid base.

Rectangular and square fire bowls allow for the fire pits to have a ledge surrounding it. On larger fire pits this provides somewhere for guests to place cups or plates. The main body of the firepit will also be rectangular or square. This provides space inside for a gas tank when the fire pit is propane fueled.

Safety Features

The main safety element you want to check for, is the stability of the fire pit. Check that its base is strong and secure so that the possibility of it being knocked over by accident is all but eliminated.

Firepits that are wood fueled produce embers, so you will want it to have some sort of ember shield. This is normally a mesh lid which sits on top of the fire pit.

A poker or steel rod is also a useful tool which most fire pit manufacturers will provide. It enables you to lift the ember shield safely.

Fire Pit F.A.Q.

What is a Fire Pit?

A traditional fire pit is a hole dug in the ground and filled with stones, where a wood fire can be lit for heat or cooking. Modern fire pits designed for use in gardens or patios are metal bowls which sit on a strong base, where solid or gas fuel is burned.

What Can You Burn in a Fire Pit?

Most fire pits use wood as their fuel, to which can be added dry garden waste such as twigs, leaves and grass. There are also firepits which use propane gas tanks, or ethanol fireplace fuel.

How do I Start a Fire in a Fire Pit?

Some propane gas firepits have battery ignition so it is just a case of hitting a button to ignite a flame. Wood burning fire pits are lit using rolled up pieces of newspaper, or dry twigs, placed around the wood.

The paper and twigs are lit using a lighter or match, and as it burns the wood should light. It is also helpful to have some larger twigs and kindling in case the initial material burns too quickly.

How to Use a Fire Pit?

Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions for assembling and setting up the fire pit. It should be placed on a flat, even surface, preferably away from pathways, and ensure there is nothing directly above the fire pit.

Use the recommended fuel, and light it with care and attention. Once lit, make sure any ember guards or shields are in place.

Whenever you need to stoke the fire, always use a metal poker to remove the ember shield.

Are Fire Pits Safe?

Yes, if they used in the correct way, because anything that uses a naked flame has the potential to be dangerous if the people next to it act irresponsibly.  Follow the instructions and guidelines the manufacturer provides with the fire pit, and it will be as safe as any other product.


We have looked at quite an array of fire pits in terms of shape. size and fuels, and having considered them all, we believe, the best fire pit is the Great Deal Furniture Crawford Propane Fire Pit.

This will make a very decorative feature in any garden and it is also very easy to use. Battery ignition and flame control allow you to light it with the minimum of effort, then you can regulate the flame to get your desired level of heat.

With a convenient ledge around the flame, it allows you and your guests to place, cups, glasses and plates, whilst providing the perfect ambience.

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